My Code Of Ethics


As an ethical, professional Tarot reader, I promise I will treat all Tarot readings as an honour and a privilege that are taken very seriously. As your Tarot reader, I will serve your best interests without causing or intending to harm. I will be open-minded, honest, and non-judgemental. My goal is to help guide you on your spiritual journey by empowering you to take charge and make your own path in life.


Readings will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years without permission from their parent or guardian.

Readings will not be given about anyone other than the client.

Any clients with questions relating to others (e.g. third parties, such as partners, family members, colleagues, etc.) will be asked to re-phrase the question or be refused.

Readings will not be given about legal, financial, medical, or psychological advice as those areas are not a part of my expertise or my educational credentials.

Instead, I will recommend my clients go to the proper licensed professionals.

All clients will be treated without prejudice.

This means that I will read your cards regardless of you national origins, class, education, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, etc...

I will respect your right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.

I will not encourage anyone to become dependent upon me.

I will represent honestly my Tarot qualifications, including educational credentials, levels of certification and experience.

I will discuss and agree upon all fees (if any) with my clients in advance.

Should a client wish to proceed beyond the originally agreed arrangement, all additional fees (if any) will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before proceeding.

I reserve the right to refuse service at my discretion.


All information shared or discussed during readings will remain confidential unless otherwise requested by the client or required by law or court order.